From Airport

City bus 6:00-20:00 ( one hour)

you can take city bus from airpport but you need chenge bus

take from airport to downtown( last stop) then change bus to go to half way tree transport Center

In day time inside the city you can go by city bus. It’s cost just 100J$for one ride so 200J$ to halfway tree transport center.

after you get halfway tree transport center , you have to Head north on Eastwood Park Rd 140m

Turn left onto Hillview ave.  Destination ;Labrish guesthouse; will be on the right 140 m
Taxi (40minits)

Taxi app

you can uber or Indriver taxi app to call cap

if you use uber it might be about 20-25US

uber app

iphone Uber – Request a ride on the App Store (

android Uber – Request a ride 

indrive is much cheaper than uber to call cab about 2000-3000J(15-20US)

Indrive App (but you need Jamaican Local phone number)

i phone inDrive. Rides with fair fares on the App Store (

android inDrive. Rides with fair fares – Google Play 

Local call cab

you can call cab company to get taxi from airport is 3000-4000J(20-30US)

On time 876-926-3866 876-881-8294 (digicel) city guide 876-758-2604 Mortec 876-925-5227

JUTA airport taxi

from airport is 40US

In the night you should take Taxi because dangerous. They don’t have meter in taxi so you have to ask price before you ride on. They have taxi on the street but cannot trust. Knutsford express( airport and country)
Express bus  (one hour)

Kntsford Express has bas from airpot to bus center. you need take cab from bus center to labrish          7US (1000J)

from Kingston airport : one hour                                                                                                                  9US (1300J) (9am,11am,1pm 4pm)

from Montegobay airport : 4 hours                                                                                                      26USUS (3800J) (5am, 8:30am,11am, 2pm,3pm,5:30pm,7pm)
18 Dominica Drive, New Kingston, In the New Kingston Shopping Center parking lot
Contact number
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