Bob Marley Museum
56 Hope RD Kingston 6 630-1588 Add: adult 25Us children 15US 10:00-4:00 close Sunday
The museum is situated on the site of the legendary musician’s home, which he purchased in 1975. This house, featuring 19th-century architecture, was Marley’s home until his death in 1981. It was converted into a museum six years later by his wife, Mrs Rita Marley. The main museum displays Marley’s personal treasures.The property also features a well-equipped 80-seat theatre, a photographic gallery, and a gift shop selling T-shirts, posters and CDs and other Bob Marley memorabilia as well as items from Jamaica. You can also tickle your palate with sumptuous meals from the Legend Cafe. The venue allows you to see every aspect of the life of Bob Marley.The Bob Marley Museum welcomes both locals and visitors from overseas.The entry fee is US$25.00 for non-resident adults and US$10.00 for non-resident children. Residents pay JM$500.00 for adults and JM$250.00 for children. The tour is guided and is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes in duration. The Museum is open Mondays to Saturdays and is closed on Sundays. The first tour begins at 9:30am and the last tour commences at 4:00pm.Come and enjoy the sights and sounds of Brother Bob.
how to get there
Walk 36 Minutes
Head east on Hillview Ave toward Eastwood Park Rd Turn right onto Eastwood Park Rd Turn left at Icons Consultants JA onto Courtney Walsh Dr .100m Turn right at Spencer’s Tailoring onto Constant Spring Rd. 250m Turn left at Mandela Park onto Hope Rd walk on Hope RD straight about 2km
Bus 20 Minutes
Go to bus terminal and take #900/72/75 toward papine and get off Bob Marley museum
Taxi 10 Minutes 500J

Tuff Gong studio
220 Marcus Garvey Drive add; 20US 10:00-4:00 Sunday close 20US
Tuff Gong International was founded by Jamaican Superstar Bob Marley in 1965. Bob was affectionately call “The Gong”, and Tuff you had to be to survive in the music business in Jamaica. Tuff Gong was originally based on Orange Street before moving to 56 Hope Road, which is now the home of the Bob Marley Museum, The Bob Marley Theatre, The Queen of Sheba Restaurant and Things from Africa Boutique.The company subsequently moved to 220 Marcus Garvey Drive, and includes a recording studio, mastering room, stamper room, pressing plant, cassette plant, wholesale record shop, booking agency, as well as offices for Rita Marley Music and Ghetto Youths International.The famous Tuff Gong International studio is one of the largest Caribbean studios. Artists, musicians, producers and tourists travel from all over the world to see and use it. The studio is said to have a vibe conducive to creativity, and this may be because the mixing board in the studio is the same one used by Bob on all of his records. Additionally the mastering room gave birth to such songs as “No Woman, Nuh Cry”, “Trenchtown Rock”, “Stir It Up”, “Concrete Jungle”, “Redemption Song”, “Buffalo Soldier” and “Could You Be Love”, just to name a few. Since its inception, Bob Marley and Tuff Gong International have sold millions of records, and continue to do so.for the tour you can see how to make record and original Bob Marley Big acoustic Studio.
how to get there
Walk: 50 Minutes
Head east on Hillview Ave toward Eastwood Park Rd 170m Turn right onto Eastwood Park Rd 550m Turn right onto Hagley Park Rd 3 km Continue onto Marcus Garvey Dr Pass by Hunts Bay Police and turn left on Little bell RD 90m you can see tuff gong studio left hand side
Bus :30 Minutes
From bus terminal you take 3A/8A 18A/50 toward Greater Portmore you take off Three Mile station opposite side of Nova Scotia Bank and walk against the way you coming and cross Spanish Town Road intersection. Still continue walk Marcus Garvey Drive about 200m after you pass by Hunts Bay Police and turn left on Little bell RD 90m you can see tuff gong studio left hand side
Taxi : 20 minutes 1000J

Bob Marley stature :Roosevelt Ave in front of national stadium
The life-sized bronze statue of reggae legend Bob Marley has been defaced in Celebrity Park outside the National Stadium in Kingston. Good point to take picture
how to get there
Walk 50 Minutes
Head east on Hillview Ave toward Eastwood Park Rd 170m Turn right onto Eastwood Park Rd 100m Turn left at Icons Consultants JA onto Courtney Walsh Dr 100m Turn right at Spencer’s Tailoring onto Constant Spring Rd 350m At National Commercial Bank, continue onto Half Way Tree Road 1km Turn left at General Accident Insurance onto Oxford Road 250m go on to Tom Redman Dr 300m opposite side of Little theater ,turn left on to Auther wint DR 750m
Bus 40 Minutes 100J
From Bus terminal you take 83 and get off Almabra inn Mountain view Ave corner of Auther wint Dr. from mountain View ave turn right on to Auther wint Dr. pass by the stadium parking lot on left hand side 350m you can see statue on right hand side.
Taxi :30 minutes 1000J
Trench Town Culture Yard: Bob Marley resident : 6 lower first street Trench Town add: 12US
The Culture Yard which serves as one of the community yards was a part of the ‘U’ block. It was in this yard that the community leader, Vincent ‘Tata’ Ford lived. Bob Marley, arguably Trench Town’s best known resident lived here. While living here Bob Marley was taught how to play the guitar by Vincent ‘Tata’ Ford. It was here too that the very popular song `No Woman No Cry’ was co-written by Bob Marley and Vincent `Tart’ Ford, which recalled their experiences living in the yard. Bob Marley would also recall in song `Natty Dread’ his many trips from First Street to Seventh Streets. It was while living at number 6 and 8 First Street that the Wailers were formed and Bob Marley and the Wailers’ first album `Catch a Fire’ was recorded.The Culture Yard today hosts a small museum which presents the phenomenal history of Trench Town along with articles, instruments and furnishing used by Tata Ford, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. The original 1940’s buildings have been restored to their former glory and the site is truly a heritage tourism destination. The Casbah Cafe, Lion of Judah Courtyard, In-house Artisan Shops and restrooms are available to visitors. Trench Town Culture Yard was designated protected national heritage on May 10, 2007.
No walk that too dangerous Also No Bus run in Trench Town
how to get there
Taxi : 30 minutes 1000J

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