Lunch Box
lunch Box is local Jamaican take out lunch box. Price is 250J-500J( 2us-5us). the menu is chicken , fish ,pork ,and rice. We recommend you to try our local food .
open9:00-6:00 no sunday
Patwa : next door on Labrish Guest house
Express : in front of pavilion Mall on Eastwood Park RD
Cheken things : beside NCB bank and Nova Scotia Bank on Halfway three RD
Chinese Tsang First Food :30 Barington Ave between Eastwood Park RD and Upper Sandringham Ave
Jerk chicken
Island Grill Twin gate on Constant Spring RD 9am-1am First food jerk Chicken and Jamaican food
Pan Jerk chicken: around Mandela Park on Constant Spring RD about from 6PM-12am 500J peace
First Food
KFC : Mall plaza Barger King : in front of Pavilion Plaza
Island Grill ( Jamaican First food , jerk chiken and etc) ; Twin gate on Constant Spring RD
Fish pot: 184 Constant Spring RD between Hope RD and bus park in front of Mandela Park youcan get all fish and sea food with reasonable price 500~
Vegetarian restaurant
Eden Garden: across the Eastwood Park Road from Hillview Ave only take out lunch time
Vivo : 2nd foor in front of bus terminal Eastwood Park RD
Mi Hungry : Low Food restaurants in #24 markets Place 908-1771
Markets Place (restaurant complex)
Several nice Jamaican and international restaurant in Markets place.
You take Hillview Ave toward Eastwood Park Rd Turn left onto Eastwood Park Rd then walk 1km you can see bridge in front of you. Before the bridge you can see Markets Place on left hand side
Track and field’s : Usein Bolt restaurant and Bar food from 1000J~ drink from 500J~ 906-3903
East Japanese: Restaurant: Lunch 1500~ dinner 3000~ 906-3962
Café de Vinch : Italian Lunch 1000~ dinner 3000~ 906-9051
Indian Cuisine : Lunch 1000 take out in dinning Lunch 1500~ dinner 3000 622-5569
China Express: good Chinese food Lunch 1500~ dinner 3000~ take out too 906-9158
Beirut: Mediterranean restaurants food Lunch 1500~ dinner 3000~ 596-5956